An Urban Planner & Economic Development Strategist
Irwin L. Davis has been involved in planning and economic development programs in the Central Upstate New York and South Central Florida regions for 40 years.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University, and completed his graduate studies in Urban Development and Public Administration at American University, in Washington, DC.  
Davis is the president & CEO of the Metropolitan Development Foundation of Syracuse & Central New York for 32 years.  He is the past president of the Metropolitan Development Association of Syracuse and Central New York. The MDA, now called CenterState CEO, is  Central New York’s primary private-sector vehicle for the implementation of key development projects.  Representing the area’s business leadership, the MDA has been instrumental in economic development projects and providing immediate access to the people who can make things happen.  The MDF is a 501 (c) 3 public foundation that serves as the MDA's vehicle for the funding and implementation of projects of importance to the region.
Davis is a member of the Upstate Advisory Board of the Federal Reserve Board of New York. He is a Senior Associate for Economic Development at Cornell University. Davis also serves as Special consultant to Dairy Farmers of America, the nation’s larges dairy cooperative. 
Davis joined the MDA as Assistant to the Exeuctive Vide Present in July 1968 and became President and CEO in 1976. From May 1970, to October 1971, he served as site office director of the New York State Urban Development Corporation’s 3000-acre new community, Radisson, located 12 miles from Syracuse in the town of Lysander. 
From 1976-2009, Davis was the Executive Director of the Downtown Committee of Syracuse Inc. which was the first Business Improve District (B.I.D.) in new New York State. In addition, he was President and CEO of the Univeristy Hill Corporation (UHC) from 1973-2009. The UHC represents all of the public and private institutions surrounding and including Syracuse University.