Seven Requirements Determine the Success of Downtown Revitalization Projects
Irwin L. Davis
Published in the Journal of Housing

The answer to the question of whether downtowns will survive is an emphatic, “Yes.”  The main issue is how to ensure that public and private leadership will form a partnership in individual communities to make sure that main streets do survive and thrive. 


There are a number of elements that must be taken into consideration when turning plans into action.  The role of the central business district in America has changed.  From what was once predominately the retail center of a community, there are now emerging multi-purpose centers of housing, culture, finance, governmental services, business, recreation and retailing.  What is emerging is both stronger and more important than what once was.

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Deal Wrangler

Published in CNY Business Exchange Magazine


Irwin L. Davis has been called a lot of things in his 40 years of leading the Metropolitan Development Association, but it is hard to deny his tireless work trying to bring economic development to his hometown.  Davis is the subject of an extensive profile in the Central New York Business Exchange magazine. 


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